How To Dispute The Work On Your New Roof In Savannah?

How To Dispute The Work On Your New Roof In Savannah?

So you have just had a new roof put in and are not happy? Please do not disappear this happens very frequently and you are definitely not alone. The number of roof disputes in Savannah grew 6 percent in 2018 making the total of roof disputes on a new roof at a staggering 32% of all new roofs installed. The reason the number is so high is relatively simple, leaking roofs. Leaking roofs account for roughly 80% of all roofing issues with new roofs.

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Roofers generally do not show much concern with issues of leakages. Mostly it is a quick 5-minute fix that they can easily fix and repair. At Alpha Omega all roofs we build come with a 20-year warranty, however not all roofers provide a warranty.
If you have had a new roof installed and it is leaking or has another problem and the roofer will not come out and fix it do not disappear. There is regulation that protects you as well as laws. We recommend engaging a lawyer early if the roofing company who built the roof will not come to your residence and repair the issues.
Generally, if the roofer will not honor his warranty or provide alteration to defect work, if the claim does go to court the judge will award you costs against the roofer. It can be a long trip but in 80% of cases, it is quick and painless. Indeed judges are likely to make the roofer pay for any costs associated with having the roofer repair his work in Savannah.


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